NAMILIA Put Porn Stars On The Runway

The Fall 2020 collections are rolling out full steam at NYFW, and for the Berlin-based design duo behind NAMILIA, any occasion is an opportunity for some sexual liberation. Showing their latest collection entitled "HEROTICA," the brand collaborated with Pornhub for an eXXXtra special show that saw more than your average models on the catwalk.

Live streamed on the adult entertainment site, the show made powerful commentary on the dominant male gaze that dictates the fantasies and stereotypes associated with women in porn. From debunking myths of the "submissive exotic Asian" and the "dirty porn star" to flipping white supremacy on its head, the show recruited stars from the adult movie biz. The all-Asian cast featured Pornhub models Marica Hase, Jade Kush, and New and York-native megastar Asa Akira, Pornhub's brand ambassador.

"The cosmos of sexual pleasure has been restricted to a few boring and chauvinistic narratives for the pleasure of the male gaze, up until rather recently," says Nan Li, one half of NAMILIA. "Porn isn't something existentially male, most women just have been previously excluded from determining the narrative."

The boundary-breaking label worn by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Billie Eillish and Rihanna subverted the traditional Chinese cheongsam dress and paired the designs with sculptural hair, claw-like arms and references to male genitalia. As for who's in support of the "FEMINISM FUCKS" motif seen on the runway, Pornhub's very own Vice President, Corey Price, is all about the shifting narrative around sex and was "excited to support boundary-breaking creators and help to penetrate New York Fashion Week with a must-see runway show."

Get into NAMILIA's Fall 2020 collection, below.

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